Healthcast: Latest research about babies created out of DNA, peanut allergies, mosquitoes

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Doctors in Britain have created babies by combing the DNA of three different people.

The method takes genetic material from a fertilized egg and transfers it to a donor egg or embryo with part of its DNA removed. The technique prevents rare genetic diseases.

Britain’s fertility regulator said fewer than five babies have been born in the United Kingdom this way. The world’s first baby was born using this technique in the United States back in 2016.


A new study is showing promise for toddlers who are highly allergic to peanuts. It involves an experimental skin patch that may prevent severe reactions.

The medicine is absorbed through the skin and trains their bodies to tolerate exposures. Researchers say toddlers who wore the daily patch for a year could even safely eat a few peanuts.

Additional research is underway before regulators consider approving the patch,


With mosquito season upon us, South Florida residents may need to switch soaps to keep the disease-carrying insects at bay.

Researchers examined whether different scented soaps made people less or more attractive to mosquitos, and they found that coconut scents seemed to repel the insects the most, while citrus scents appeared to attract them.

Researchers say it all comes down to how chemicals in soap combine with the body chemicals of each individual person.

The same caution applies to any scented products including perfumes and lotions since studies have found that floral scents create the biggest attraction, especially among female mosquitos.

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