Local10.com college football picks: Week 14 results

Local10.com college football picks Week 14 results (WPLG)

Thirty freaking games from which to choose and this group still can't get any more separation.

Local 10 sports director Will Manso, sports reporter Clay Ferraro and reporter Ian Margol all went 23-7 for the final weekend of the regular season.

Thus, Will remains two games ahead of Clay for first place with an overall record of 128-33.

Amazingly, Will and Clay picked the exact same outcomes.

At least Ian went out on a limb and picked Mississippi to beat rival Mississippi State. And it may have just worked out for him, if it hadn't been for Rebels receiver Elijah Moore's dog-peeing celebration after a late touchdown that drew a costly penalty.

In the end, reporter Liane Morejon benefited most from the weekend slate. Her 24-6 record was the best of the bunch, thanks in part to predicting a Virginia victory over Virginia Tech.

Now they’ll have one final crack at the picks before the bowl games are announced.