Father outraged after teen son pummeled during brawl at McArthur High School

Video of fight shows multiple students hitting, kicking victim

McArthur High School in Hollywood, Florida.
McArthur High School in Hollywood, Florida. (WPLG)

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A South Florida father is outraged after a fight broke out at his son’s high school.

The father said his son was getting jumped at McArthur High School in Hollywood, and staff members did little to help.

Cellphone videos taken by witnesses show an all-out brawl, with a 17-year-old senior caught in the middle.

That boy was repeatedly sucker punched and kicked in the head, by multiple kids.

One student was body slammed during the melee.

This all happened on Friday at the Broward County high school

The father of the boy that was targeted said he wanted school officials of mounting threats, including the morning of the fight.

“How did it happen?” asked Derrick Brooks, the boy’s father. “Security is there. We’re there, as parents, letting them know it was going to happen. Where’s the security?”

At least one security guard, seen in video footage wearing a yellow hat, was attempting to break up the brawl, along with another man in a green shirt.

Safety is now a huge concern for the family of the teen that was targeted, who walked away injured.

“He had a couple of knots on his head, a cut on his arm, and his back hurts,” said Brooks. “I believe they need a new head of security.”

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