Apparent argument during music video shoot in Sweetwater turns deadly

Police: Man pulls out machete while other man arms himself with gun

SWEETWATER, Fla. – A man was shot and killed after an apparent argument during a music video shoot in Sweetwater, police said.

Custom cars were surrounded with crime scene tape after Sweetwater police said that what was scheduled to be the making of a rap video turned to gunfire.

The shots were heard by an officer not far from the shooting near Southwest 112th Avenue and Seventh Street just before 4 p.m. Saturday.

"While patrolling the area and trying to assess where the gunshots were coming from, he saw a large crowd of people dispersing," public information officer Jonathan Arche said.

When police arrived, they discovered one man shot. While he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, investigators learned it was an argument that led up to one man pulling out a machete and the other arming himself with a gun.

Roger Avila told Local 10 News he had just got home to see a lineup of cars that appeared to be out of the ordinary in his neighborhood, but never did he think it would lead up to a shooting.

“I notice these customized cars and it was really nice, and then you got these rugged looking men that you see in a rap video,” Avila said. “I went into my house. No more than five minutes, 10 minutes later, you hear screams and officers saying, ‘Freeze. Get out of the car.’”

Police placed the suspected shooter in the back of a Sweetwater police cruiser.

"He is being talked to by investigators to establish what it is that happened between him and this person," Arche said.

As investigators continued to speak with witnesses, Local 10 News saw crime scene tech remove what appeared to be cash and drugs from a car.

Residents said they now worry for their safety with the shots fired so close to home.

"It does concern me, because my grandchildren come to visit me all the time," Avila said.

Local 10 News asked police if the suspected shooter who was taken into custody was arrested. Police said he is currently just being questioned by investigators.

The case has been turned over to Miami-Dade police homicide detectives.

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