Judge grants bond to NFL players accused of armed robbery

Attorneys for Dunbar, Baker claim to have affidavits from 4 victims and a witness that exonerate them

NFL players Quinton Dunbar and DeAndre Baker have been granted bond and are expected to be released from a Broward County Jail.

MIRAMAR, Fla. – The two NFL players accused of being involved in an armed robbery left Broward County Jail on Sunday after they were granted bond.

Quinton Dunbar was the first of the two to appear before a Broward judge Sunday in a virtual court hearing.

“I will set a bond of $25,000 per counts,” the judge said. That bond would total $100,000 for the four counts of armed robbery with a firearm for Dunbar.

Both men, who separately turned themselves in to authorities on Saturday, were wanted for an alleged burglary that took place in Miramar.

Dunbar was granted $25,000 bond per count, totally $100,000 for four counts of armed robbery with a firearm.

DeAndre Baker’s bond totaled $200,000, as he was charged with four counts of armed robbery with a firearm and four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm.

Both were granted standard pre-trial release, meaning they can not travel outside of the state and must surrender any weapons or firearms.

NFL player Quinton Dunbar appears in bond court on Sunday, May 17, 2020, after surrendering to Miramar Police a day earlier. (WPLG)

They can also have no contact with any victims in the case.

Dunbar plays for the NFL's Seattle Seahawks while Baker plays for the New York Giants. Both are natives to South Florida.

According to police, Dunbar and Barker were involved in a $71,000 robbery in Miramar that took place at a house party last week.

NFL player DeAndre Baker appears in bond court on Sunday, May 17, 2020, after surrendering to Miramar Police a day earlier. (WPLG)

Attorneys for Dunbar and Baker said that they have five sworn affidavits from four victims and a witness that prove their clients were not involved in the robbery.

Dunbar’s attorney Michael Grieco said Sunday: “There are four victims and a witness and the witness says that no robbery happened and for some reason that statement is not included in the document that was presented for the arrest warrant. The four victims have now come around and they are concurring with what (the witness) said."

“What was said I don’t think is what happened,” Bradford Cohen, Baker’s attorney, said. “I think there are facts that are going to come out in the next couple weeks."

The defense attorneys and prosecutors argued over elements in the arrest warrants. The defense made it clear that there were no guns found and no physical evidence of a crime. Also, the attorneys said neither of their clients have criminal pasts.

Read the arrest warrant:

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