Local 10 News’ Nicole Perez on coronavirus diagnosis: ‘We have made some big progress'

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Nicole Perez, Local 10 News’ evening anchor, said Monday that she and her husband, Roy Ramos, are feeling much better. They were diagnosed with COVID-19 a week ago.

Ramos, a Local 10 News reporter, said there were only a lingering cough and fatigue leftover from his COVID-19 induced pneumonia. Perez said she no longer feels nausea, but she still hasn’t recovered her sense of taste or smell.

“Some headaches pop up here and there,” Perez said. “They are much more tolerable.”

The median time from onset to clinical recovery is about two weeks for mild COVID-19 cases and is three to six weeks for cases with more severe disease, according to initial data analysis by the World Health Organization.

Ramos and Perez are still far from being able to return to work. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has used the data to define COVID-19 recovery with a “test-based” strategy of two negative results with specimens collected 24 hours apart.

Nicole, Ramos, Betty Davis, Local 10 News chief meteorologist, and Louis Aguirre, a Local 10 News anchor, are among the nine Local 10 News employees who were recently diagnosed with COVID-19.

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