Antonio Brown appears in court days after being released from jail

Former NFL star accused of assaulting moving truck driver

Antonio Brown appears in court Jan. 28, 2020. (WPLG)

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Troubled former NFL star Antonio Brown appeared in court Tuesday morning, days after he was released from the main Broward County jail.

Brown posted a $110,000 bond on Friday after he was arrested in connection with an altercation involving the driver of a moving truck.

A Broward County judge lessened the terms of his release Tuesday, stating that Brown, who was outfitted with a GPS ankle monitor last week, is now permitted to travel throughout the continental U.S. for work purposes as long as he notifies the court ahead of time.

He still must undergo a mental health evaluation and is not allowed to possess firearms or ammunition.

Troubled former NFL star Antonio Brown appeared in court Tuesday morning, days after he was released from the Broward County Jail.

“He needs to be treated like anyone else,” defense attorney Eric Schwartzreich told Local 10 News after the hearing. “He shouldn’t be given special treatment or treated differently because he’s Antonio Brown. The co-defendant in this case, he was put on just a $20,000 bond, so the judge understands that. So, for proportionality, because everyone gets treated the same, the monitor is going to be removed.”

Brown surrendered to police Thursday night after a warrant was issued for his arrest. He faces charges of felony burglary with assault or battery, burglary of an occupied conveyance and criminal mischief.

Brown and his trainer, Glenn Holt, who is also a former NFL player, are accused of attacking a moving truck driver last Tuesday at Brown’s Hollywood home.

According to Holt’s arrest report, the driver of an Allied Van Lines moving truck went to Brown’s home to deliver household goods that Brown had stored in California.

Police said Brown, 31, initially refused to pay the $4,000 fee to have the items released to him so the driver left.

The driver told authorities that Brown threw a rock at the truck as he was leaving, causing a small dent and paint to chip on the driver’s side door.

According to the arrest report, the driver was contacted a short time later by management from his company, advising him that Brown was willing to pay the $4,000 delivery fee, plus an additional $860 for the damage to the truck and $360 for the extra time he had to spend driving back to Brown’s home.

Police said the driver returned to the home and was handed the $4,000, but Brown refused to pay the rest of the money.

According to the report, the driver refused to release the property to Brown, at which time Brown stepped up to the cabin of the truck and began to grab and pull the driver, ripping his shirt and leaving him with multiple abrasions.

Holt is accused of grabbing the keys from inside the truck and removing Brown’s belongings from the vehicle. The driver told officers that he was cut by the keys during the incident.

Holt, who grew up in South Florida and spent three seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals, was arrested last Tuesday and has also been released on bond.

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