Meet the local fitness trainer to the stars

DAVIE, Fla. – How do NFL stars like Alvin Kamara build up the balance to perform incredible feats on the field? It starts with a ton of talent of course. And then, they meet Sharif Tabbah, who has a doctorate in physical therapy.

Tabbah has been training professional athletes for a long time, but he gained worldwide attention when a video showing him training Kamara went viral.

Tabbah’s clients range from Antonio Brown and Teddy Bridgewater to mention pros on local teams such as Bobby McCain of the Miami Dolphins and Lewis Brinson and Miguel Rojas of the Miami Marlins.

The training pushes physical and mental boundaries because both bodies and minds are tested while athletes are playing. But Tabbah’s work isn’t limited to pro athletes.

Tabbah said his goal is to help his clients perform the tasks they want to, whether it’s playing professionally, playing pickup basketball on the weekends or just enjoying exercise with the kids.

If you’re interested in working out with Tabbah, you can check out his website, or follow him on Instagram at @athletixrehab and @doctor_reef.

About the Author:

Clay Ferraro joined the Local 10 News team in 2014 to take his dream job: covering big-time sports at a first-class station in paradise.