Fort Lauderdale airport is 26th airport in US to have Clear biometric security checks

'Fast pass' for travelers available at FLL

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is now the 26th airport in the country to have Clear biometric security checks.

"They are using their fingerprints or their iris. Quick rapid scan, boarding pass pops down and is approved and they are done," said Howard Kass, Clear Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs. 

Passengers still have to do a physical TSA screening, but the system cuts out the line for TSA to check people's IDs and boarding passes.

Travelers just need to look for the Clear kiosk. If you have your license and a credit card and can answer some questions about yourself, you can do it in less than three minutes.

"We ask you some questions that only you will know the answer to, to make sure you are who you say you are, and then we take your biometrics and we marry the biometrics to your credential and to you," Kass said. 

The Clear biometric security checks cost $179, but if you have a SkyMiles account with Delta, you can get a discount.

Clear said they already have over 2 million members that have used the service over 18 million times.

Those with cybersecurity concerns should know data is encrypted, safeguarded and never sold.

"It's bing, bang, boom. You are in and you are out. So that is why I love it," travel agent Adam Duckworth said. "It is like having a fast pass at the airport. Everybody is mad, but you."

Right now, Clear is operational in Terminal 2, but they hope to open in Terminal 1 soon and the other two when construction is complete. They also hope to expand their services in the future.

"We think that the entire experience from curb to gate in the airport can be done by biometrics," Kass said. "So whether you are checking a bag, getting on a plane, paying for something at a vendor, it can all be done using your biometrics."