Miami Sports Pod - Ugly as it gets in Miami


It was an ugly weekend to be a fan of Miami sports teams, but Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro are wondering if things are going to get worse or better for the Dolphins and 'Canes.

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:18  Ugly football all weekend long 

1:00 Did you expect it would be THIS bad? 

4:30 This is going to get old really quickly 

6:20  These guys are putting bad plays on tape for other teams to see 

7:39  Part of Will feels bad for Brian Flores 

11:11 He is the fall guy even though he has nothing to do with it 

16:30  This team still needed a rebuild 

19:00 Feel bad for the fans 

21:00 The Miami Hurricanes-North Carolina game was frustrating 

26:00 We all got caught up in the Canes defense being good as a given 

30:00 The Canes do appear to have themselves a quarterback