Miami Sports Pod - 14 weeks until the Dolphins claim the top pick


After Sunday's woeful showing against the Patriots, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro count down the weeks until the Dolphins can officially claim the top pick in the NFL Draft.

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:30 Keep your eyes on the prize 

1:30  Did Sunday even feel like a game to you? 

5:30  It's not a level playing field 

7:30  If this team is this bad, how can we trust they'll get it right when they build? 

11:00 How is Chris Grier a radical change from the past when he's been a higher up in the Dolphins scouting for a decade? 

17:00 We feel for the fans 

19:30  You become part of a losing culture when a team tanks 

23:30  The Dolphins are not competitive 

26:30  Tanking is the right thing