Regalado resigns as director of Office of Cuba Broadcasting

MIAMI – Former Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado abruptly resigned Friday as the director of the Office of Cuba Broadcasting.

Regalado's decision comes after several scandals rocked the agency that oversees Radio and TV Martí over the past year.

A two-term Miami Mayor, Regalado joined the agency in June 2018 and was quickly embroiled in issues that began before his tenure.

Radio and TV Martí is financed by the U.S. government and transmits news to Cuba in Spanish.

According to the Miami Herald, multiple employees of TV Martí were fired after anti-Semitic comments were made in a May 2018 report about Jewish philanthropist George Soros.

In the report, Soros was called a "left-wing billionaire of Hungarian-Jewish origin" as well as a "nonpracticing Jew of flexible morals." 

The Herald also reports Regalado's son, Tomas Jr., is currently suspended while an investigation takes place into his alleged use of "false images in a report."

The United States Agency of Global Media praised Regalado in a statement announcing his resignation.

"During his tenure Mr. Regalado developed a new satellite broadcast strategy, expanded digital and social media content, and supported the creation of unique content on topics not typically covered in Cuban media, including LGBTQ rights, climate change and the contributions of the Cuban-American community."

Regalado served as Miami's mayor from 2009 to 2017.

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