Miami man arrested after his 4-year-old told police 'my daddy was shooting'

Police: Man opens fire on group of people while driving with his young daughter

MIAMI – Police arrested a Miami man on Sunday, and a tip from his 4-year-old daughter may have played a role. 

That man is now facing felony charges. 

According to police, Hector Reyes opened fire on a group of people after getting into a verbal altercation on Sunday in the area of Northwest 29th Street and 11th Avenue in Miami.  

Reyes, 26, was with his daughter and her mother visiting family when police say Reyes and a man identified as his brother-in-law approached an unknown white male.

According to an arrest report, that male was allegedly making obscene gestures toward Reyes' daughter's mother. 

After a brief argument, Reyes, his daughter and her mother left the scene in a white Chrysler 300.  

Witnesses say that's when Reyes began shooting in the direction of the unknown male and the people he was with, the arrest report said. 

A short time later, officers caught up with Reyes' car and pulled him over. 

During the traffic stop, police said Reyes' daughter spontaneously stated, "My daddy was shooting."

The girl's mother, who was also in the car, told police that she didn't know why her daughter would say something like that and that the child was always talking about the police, the arrest report said. 

Police arrested Reyes on one felony count each of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possessing a deadly weapon while committing an offense. He's also facing four counts of felony child abuse with no great bodily harm. 

Police said Reyes denied any involvement in the shooting. 

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