Florida's governor starts Presidential Protection Fund

Gov. Ron DeSantis believes impeachment is partisan attack

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – If you get emails from the Republican Party of Florida, you may have received a personal email with a message from Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The email reads: "When I served in Congress, I fought back against the Democrats' witch hunts every single day. I refused to let them overturn the 2016 election and erase your vote from history. Now that Democrats are officially moving to impeach our duly elected president, my duty to protect him isn't over.

"As governor of Florida, I want the president to know that we have his back in this fight 100 percent, so today I'm issuing the Presidential Protection Fund to fight back against this disgusting attempt to overturn a legitimate U.S. elections."

The email requested donations.

Local 10 News senior political reporter Michael Putney caught up with DeSantis at the Biltmore, where the governor was meeting with Colombian President Ivan Duque. DeSantis will lead a trade mission to Colombia in November. Putney asked him about the impetus for the Presidential Protection Fund.

"I think a lot of Americans are sick of the charade in Washington," DeSantis said. "We've got all these issues: China, health care, all these things and it's just constant hearings; investigations that don't go anywhere."

According to Putney, DeSantis has a close relationship with President Donald Trump, whose endorsement helped get him elected. Now, DeSantis is returning the favor with his Presidential Protection Fund.

"Impeachment is provided for in the U.S. Constitution," Putney stated to DeSantis. "Our founding fathers didn't think it was 'disgusting.'"

DeSantis countered back.

"If you read 'The Federalist (Papers),' Hamilton warned against this being used for partisan purposes and if that's what this is, a partisan attack, that's not what it was meant for," the governor said.

DeSantis said that all the talk of impeachment distracts Congress from the real work it should be doing.

"We are going to have a presidential election in a little more than a year," he said. "Let's try to get some stuff done in the meantime. The American people can render their decision one way or another, and then we can move on and go with the winner."

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