Snuggie owners to get refunds in deceptive advertising settlement


MIAMI – They're warm, soft and wearable; but now Snuggie blankets are giving money to their owners.

The Federal Trade Commission is mailing out 218,254 refund checks worth more than $7.2 million to people who bought the blankets that were deceptively sold as "buy-one-get-one-free."

Customers who bought products marketed by Allstar Marketing Group, including the Snuggie, Perfect Bacon Bowl, Magic Mesh Door and others, will receive a check for $33.14.

Allstar reached a settlement with the FTC after it was accused of duping buyers into paying more through hidden procession and handling fees.

"Because the ordering process was confusing, some customers also were charged for more products than they wanted," said the FTC in a statement.

According to the FTC release, the company promised that it would “double the offer” for consumers, if they just paid “processing and handling fees.” Consumers believed they would then gett two $19.95 products for “less than $10 each,” in fact, the total cost with the undisclosed $7.95“processing and handling” fees jumped from the advertised price of $19.95 to $35.85.