Transform mirror frame into modern art piece


So you've broken a mirror, but it doesn't mean you'll have seven years of bad luck.

Here's a cool way to transform a mirror-less frame into a fresh and modern personal art piece.

1) Clean

First, start by cleaning your frame to remove any dust or debris. A little towel and warm water does the trick.

2) Color

The second step is optional. If you like the color of the frame, keep it that way. I took my white frame and gave it a modern twist by spraying it with a teal spray paint I bought at Walmart for $3.47. (If you're on a tighter budget, there are spray paints for .99.) Spray away in steady lines and let set.

3) Glue

Purchase some twine and hot glue it across the frame starting at the top. Make sure you measure some space between the twine. Use whatever you're hanging as your measuring standard.  (A glue gun is essential for do-it-yourself projects, so pick one up and use it for everything.) Glue your twine one string at a time, giving yourself some space to hang pictures or whatever you like.

4) Clip

Clip tiny wooden clothespins onto the twine to fasten your art. You may spray them lightly with some spray paint beforehand if you like. I bronzed mine, but if you like the light wooden look, leave it alone.

5) Fun

Step five is the fun part. Hang your pictures, love notes, art work or whatever you want. I used a website called Prinstagram to print out some pictures from my Instagram account. (I ordered 24 pics for $12.) Now my husband and I have a beautiful reminder of our trip to Nevada and we turned our broken mirror-trash, into a fabulous, memory-treasure.

I bought all my supplies at local stores over time to spread out my spending. Overall, this project was about $30. Not bad for a stay-at-home mom with two kids. Turn your trash into treasure and transform your home into a place of fun and fashion on a budget. Until next time!