Call Christina: Losing sleep from loud trains?


DAVIE, Fla. – One Local 10 Viewer is fed up with the loud noise from trains running outside her home in the middle of the night. She decided to bring her concerns to Local 10 News investigative reporter Christina Vazquez.

The viewer said she has lived near the train tracks by Broward General Hospital and Davie Boulevard for three years now. She never had a problem with noise until a few weeks ago.

"I noticed that more trains pass our area and blow their horns which is so disturbing," she said. "During the day of course (it) is okay. They can blow their horns all they want but during the night (it) is too bad."

On Friday, the viewer told Call Christina that the first trains pass through around 9 or 10 p.m., again at midnight and once more a few hours later.

"I understand the noise cannot be avoided, but why suddenly that the trains have schedules at night?" She said. "It is even worse (than) fire trucks and police sirens headed to the hospital."

According to a spokesman for Florida East Coast Railway (FEC), she is not alone in her complaint. In December 2014, the FEC said they started running new trains on their regular routes.

These recently added trains have new horns. A decibel (dB) test found the horns to be emitting a lower sound than the older model trains they replaced, which means they should be less of a disturbance. However, the FEC said they have received enough complaints to recognize there may be an issue with the new horns. They have asked the manufacturer of the horns to take a look at them and evaluate the situation.

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