South Florida companies help fix 90-year-old man's Miami home

Neighbor's tree fell on Oscar Adderly's home during Hurricane Irma

MIAMI – At the age of 90, Oscar Adderly's been around longer than the home he's lived in for the past 50 years.

His wood-frame house on Northwest 49th Street in Miami's Liberty City neighborhood was built in 1937 and has held firm against many a South Florida storm.  

Unfortunately, Hurricane Irma's winds proved to be too heavy for his neighbor's tree. The tree came crashing down during the storm, landing on the side of Adderly's home.  

The whole situation left Adderly feeling hopeless. His home was uninsured, and he has been living with family because the damage left behind by the tree rendered his home unlivable.  

When the Leave it to Layron team caught up with Adderly in February, he was all smiles.

"(It) looks like they're going to do something," he said, laughing.

"Oh, I’ve got a vision, here," Eric Hershberger said. "I'm excited, man."

Hershberger owns Fine Design Builders. Local 10 News reporter Layron Livingston met him and his operations manager, William Anger, poring over every inch of Adderly's home.   

"If more people would do this random act of kindness, we'd live in a great place," Anger said.

Anger contacted the Leave it to Layron team minutes after Adderly's story aired on Local 10 last month. 

"It just pulled at my heartstrings," he said.    

Anger said construction is his passion and he's been in the business for 30 years. He offered to help Adderly and his family, free of charge.

"This is his home," Anger said. "Even sitting in it like this, he said he's more comfortable."

Lorraine Williams said the gesture brought tears to her eyes.  Adderly is her father and the house that's now uninhabitable is the house she grew up in.

"Whatever they can do to help, we're going to be grateful," she said. 

"It's great to be able to give him something back," said Jack Daley, a territory sales manager with IKO, a manufacturer of roofing shingles. Daley has already signed on to donate whatever is needed to put a roof over Adderly's head.

The reality is it's going to take more than a roof to get Adderly's home livable.

Hershberger and Anger found evidence of extensive termite damage throughout the 80-year-old home. New wiring is needed as well, and there may be lead-based paint, and mold remediation that has to take place, along with new plumbing.   

"To try to go into and repair all these things, open up the walls, is going to take more time, more money," Hershberger said.

"It might come to having to knock the whole house down," Anger added.

Livingston asked Adderly if that's something he's prepared to deal with.  

"Yes," he answered. "Anything that they can do, or want to do, is alright with me."

Even with all of the work before him, Hershberger and Anger are not shying away.

"I have faith that it's all going to come together," Hershberger said.

"Knowing that all of his children and grandchildren will be here for Christmas, that makes me feel good," Anger said.

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