Waterbeds making a comeback right here in South Florida

TAMARAC, Fla. – Believe it or not, waterbeds are making a comeback and it's starting right here in South Florida.

But before you dust off the old lava lamp and dig into the drawer to grab those mood rings, know that the newest version of the 70's classic is made for modern times.

The new "AFLOAT" bed was created by Charles Hall, the Miami Beach native who invented the original waterbed back in 1968.

AFLOAT is sold at City Furniture and uses technology and materials that did not exist 30 years ago, giving these new waterbeds a redesigned look and feel.

Gone are the wood frames and leaks that led to the steep decline of waterbed sales in the 90's after its original boom.

The new beds have excessive padding and a foam frame for comfort, allowing customers to get a nice looking bed along with the added health benefits.

“The human body’s specific gravity is near that of water, so sleeping or ‘floating’ on a waterbed allows the body’s muscles to relax more quickly and naturally than when laying on a traditional mattress," said Hall.