South Florida school creates 'buddy bench' to end bullying

OLYMPIA HEIGHTS, Fla. – With bullying on the rise in the US, one South Florida school is doing what it can to make its students feel less alone and foster friendships.

Florida Christian School introduced the "Buddy Bench" to the playground for all students who may feel left out.

The "Buddy Bench" idea came from Mrs. Sanchez' kindergarten class after they read a book called Kindness is Cooler. The book sparked the students to do an act of kindness each month.

When a new student entered the class in January, she encountered several incidents where she felt left out of the fun. Mrs. Sanchez and the students created the "Buddy Bench" to present to the school at the end of the year.

The "Buddy Bench" is for kids who need help finding a friend and is not for resting or time outs.

So whenever a student is feeling sad or not a part of the bigger picture on the playground, they only need to sit on the "Buddy Bench" and all will soon be well.

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