Fun, easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids


Let your child help decorate for Thanksgiving by creating these fun and simple crafts.


Paint, decorate pumpkins: Create a fun centerpiece by letting your kids paint and decorate pumpkins. Let them use fun and bold colors, and incorporate glitter, feathers and other fun items to add some pizzazz to your table.


Paper cup turkeys: Make fun turkeys to place at each person’s spot at the dinner table. Take a brown paper cup and turn it upside down. Glue a brown cotton ball or pom-pom to the bottom of the cup to create the turkey’s head. Glue on eyes and a nose to complete the face. Cut out feathers from colored construction paper and glue them to the back of the cup.


Turkey centerpiece: Make a stand-alone turkey to decorate the center of the table. Take an empty oatmeal container and glue or tape brown construction paper around it. Then create a head out of brown construction paper and glue it to the end of the oatmeal container. Next, cut out different colored feathers from construction paper and glue them to the back of the container. Lastly, create eyes and a nose and attach them to the head to complete your turkey centerpiece.


Placemats: Let the kids create their own place mats for each guest. The kids can color pictures, cut out leaves and create a collage, and use Thanksgiving-themed designs like turkeys or pumpkins. They can also incorporate photos of each guest to make each placemat unique.


Turkey hands: Don’t overlook the classic Thanksgiving craft project – tracing your child’s hand to create a turkey. While it might seem like a simple idea, it’s a great keepsake to create each year to show how much your child grows year-to-year.