'Half Christmas Tree' perfect for homes with crawling children, playful kittens


MIAMI – Parents of infants just learning to crawl, or cat owners with playful kittens are rejoicing after a company's decision to sell "Half Christmas Trees."

That's right, just the tops. The bottoms are gone, meaning they're out of reach from toddlers and cats looking to make merry mischief during the holidays, WJXT reports.

The British company Argos is selling a 6 ft. "Half Christmas Tree" for around $45 this year. While it may be a bit pricey, consider it a de-stresser as you worry about others things than keeping the tree upright.

The tree description explains why certain families need this in their lives.

"Keep your perfectly placed baubles, bows and bells out of reach of curious, crawling kids or your cats' playful paws with this 6ft parasol tree. If Santa's been extra generous, there's plenty of room to stack pressies underneath rather than scattering them around it. It's also a great alternative to the traditional tree if you're a tad tight for space."