Practical steps to ease school stress

Parents play active role when school jitters turn into anxiety, experts say

DAVIE, Fla. – Studies show about 20% of young children experience anxiety. The numbers are even higher for middle school students.

However, health experts say there are ways for parents to help ease school stress, and the best methods may go against their initial reaction.

"It's very important to keep an eye on your child, but give them space too. In the car, don't start questioning them-- ‘How was your day, how was class, how did you do on the test’," Family Therapist, Dr. Natalie Giraldo said.

Giraldo also suggests that parents encourage their children to express their anxiety, focus on the positives, and schedule relaxing activities.

She notes that students feel more in control when parents help them organize class schedules and homework, as well as establish a regular routine, which includes getting a good night's sleep.


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