Presence of accused rapist at Monarch High School scares parents

Judge allows 18-year-old suspect to attend school

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. – Parents attended a town hall meeting Wednesday at Monarch High School in Coconut Creek with hopes of discussing why an accused 18-year-old rapist is being allowed to go to school there. They left disappointed. 

Gibson Sylvain was arrested in August, after he was accused of raping a woman at a bus stop just north of West Hills Borough Boulevard.

A father said he wanted to know why parents weren't notified. A mother said she wanted to know if there were any security measures in place to avoid more victims at the school. 

"If it was a town hall, they would have been asking the question about the big elephant in the room," Bonita Marriott, a concerned grandmother, told Local 10 News.

As part of a pre-trial release agreement, a judge allowed Sylvain to return to school.

Broward County school board member Nora Rupert said Sylvain had a right to an education. 

"We value our safety of our students, our community and our family, and there's more to the story than you all know," Rupert said. 

The parents' questions were not answered at the meeting. They want the school board to organize a town hall to discuss Sylvain's presence at the school. 

Sylvain was set to appear in court next week.

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