Miami Southridge Senior High School principal honored as district's principal of the year

Humberto Miret presented with new Toyota Camry


MIAMI – The Miami-Dade County Public Schools principal of the year was given a new car Friday for his outstanding service.

Humberto Miret, who grew up in the Miami-Dade public school system, was celebrated Friday at Miami Southridge Senior High School.

"I really feel that it's not just my accomplishment, but really a team effort from the school, so everything we preach to our kids to be successful, to prepare themselves for life -- that's what this is about. I'm really proud to be the principal of Southridge," Miret said. 

Miret has spent more than 20 years working as a teacher and administrator for MDCPS, with the last three years working as the principal of Miami Southridge. 

"A principal of the year should be someone that cares about their students, and I think Mr. Miret is the perfect representation of that. A lot of people should take notes from him," high school senior Kiara Thompson said. 

Before Miret joined the Spartans, Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said Miami Southridge was fragile. Carvalho said the way Miret was able to turn it around is nothing short of extraordinary.

"He understands teaching and learning, he is supportive of teachers and he's got the results to prove it," Carvalho said. 

Because of that work, Miret was chosen as this year’s principal of the year for the school district, and was awarded a brand-new, 2018 Toyota Camry SE, which honestly was barely big enough for the guy who is lovingly called the "gentle giant."

"This is an award that goes to everybody that started here since 1976 and that graduates today in 2018," Miret said. "They can be proud that when they walk through the hallways of MS or their future Spartans, they're going to get a quality education that they're going to be proud of," Miret said. 


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