Local 10's Weather Authority team joins students at Marlins Park for STEAM Day

MIAMI – Local 10's Weather Authority team was present Thursday for the second annual Steam Day at Marlins Park, interacting with children and showing off some cool experiments.

Hundreds of young students packed Marlins Park Thursday for the event.

"I like engineering and math," said Camila Vargas, who is a student at Christina M. Eve Elementary School. "When we get to build stuff and when we get to actually see it come together."

"I'm looking forward to see the Marlins play and seeing what activities they are going to do," another student, Katherine Fennema, said.  

The children from schools across Miami-Dade and Broward counties are taking part in an educational program called STEAM, which is short for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

And who better to teach the students about science and math other than Local 10's Weather Authority meteorologist team? 

"I love having the students coming here and have hands-on experience so they understand more about meteorology," Local 10 meteorologist Julie Durda said.  

Local 10's Durda, Luke Dorris and chief meteorologist Betty Davis all participated in the event with the National Weather Service, Florida International University, iFLY and the Museum of Discovery and Science to mix in some fun with learning, showcasing various experiments along with something new this year.

"We have a demonstration from iFLY, and the Local 10 Weather Authority team was fortunate enough to be able to fly with iFLY last week," Davis said. 

"School can be fun and science allows us to do cool stuff, like what we'll do today," Dorris said. "We'll have some explosions. We'll have a catapult competition. Things like that that make the learning experience fun, and we apply it each and every day in what we do as far as the weather goes."

The students were very excited after they capped off their fun-filled morning of learning, as they got the chance to enjoy seeing the Marlins take on the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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