Here is a list of back-to-school organization hacks from popular YouTubers


MIAMI – YouTubers have many tips to help high school students to stay organized this school year. 

Here is a list of the top 10 tips:

1. Even if you have the dates in your laptop and your phone, add a calendar inside of every binder to include the key dates for each class. Source: Miss Mikayla G

2. Make sure you have a desk to study at home and add a vision board with images that remind you of your dreams and goals to keep you motivated. Source: Natalies Outlet.

3. Use a labeling machine to mark folders and boxes with notebooks. DYMO makes one that is available on Amazon for about $18. Source: Olivia Greenhalgh.

4. Have an extra notebook for each class to review highlighted terms to apply the spaced repetition learning technique.  Source: Macerly

5. Use an agenda to schedule study time and when the studying is completed consolidate the material inside sheet protectors to create space for new material. Source: Adrienne Hill

6. Make a color-coded chart on all of the textbooks and notebooks. Source: Ashley Nichole.  

7. You can also decorate textbooks and notebooks by theme with DIY school supplies. Source: Isa's World

8. Use different color pens to create graphics to make it easier to remember ideas and terminology. Source: Emma Angeline.

9. Carry a small bag in your backpack to keep all of your grooming and hygiene items separate from your school supplies.  Source: Emma MacDonald

10. Make colorful cue cards and schedule time to study with a friend without distractions. Source: LaurDIY