Reminder about school bus traffic rules before first day of school

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MIAMI – The long, easy days of summer are almost over, which means the bell is about to ring for the first day of school.

Now would be a good time to brush up on your knowledge of driving laws when it comes to school buses, when to stop or pass.

According to Florida law, when traveling in the same direction of a school bus, drivers must stop at all times when a bus is stopped, whether it is a one-lane or two-lane roadway.

Drivers must also come to a complete stop when coming from the opposite direction on a road without a median or barrier.

The only time drivers do not need to bring their vehicles to a complete stop, or stop at all, when a bus is stopped on the road, is if they are traveling in the opposite direction on a road with a median or barrier.

WTVT reports drivers face a $258 fine if they pass a stopped school bus, plus four points on their license.