Backstreet Boy Nick Carter arrested in Key West

Police say pop star punched bouncer at bar

KEY WEST, Fla. – Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter was arrested Wednesday night in Key West.

According to an arrest report, Carter, 35, and another man, Michael Papayans, were taken into custody on battery charges. Police said they got into a fight with workers at the Hog's Breath Saloon after they were refused service.

Police say the men were intoxicated when they arrived at the Front Street bar before 7 p.m. Wednesday. When workers told them to leave, witnesses say Carter and Papayans became aggressive. 

Police body cameras captured Papayans and Carter being talked to by officers outside of the bar.

"I did not do anything," Papayans said to an officer. "I was trying to get my friend to stop and they tackled me like they were (expletive) Navy Seals or something."

Key West police said surveillance video showed Carter intentionally hit a bouncer, identified as Skylar Carden. Papayans allegedly punched a manager. 

"Bro, those guys punched us like five times," Carter told an officer shortly before he was arrested.

"Well, lucky for you everything is on video,"  the officer told him.

"Thank you," Carter said."...He kept punching me and kept punching me, and I was saying I wanted to leave."

Carter and Papayans told police that they did not need medical attention after the bar fight.

Both suspects were booked into a Key West jail facility. Each faces a misdemeanor count of battery.

Carter bailed out of jail Thursday afternoon.

"Nick, did you choke the bouncer?" Local 10 News reporter Michael Seiden asked the singer as he got into a taxi.

"You know, I'm just a guy trying to enjoy some vacation time down here in Key West," Carter said.

Hog's Breath Saloon general manager Art Levin said Carter and Papayans were asked "dozens and dozens" of times to leave.

"The truth will come out," Carter said.

DISCLAIMER: Expletives used in arrest video

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