Garth Brooks performs in South Florida after nearly 20 years

Brooks performs with wife at BB&T Center Thursday, Friday, Saturday

SUNRISE, Fla. – A country music star returned to South Florida this week to perform for the first time in nearly two decades. 

Garth Brooks and wife Tricia Yearwood are making a 3-day stop at the BB&T Center with concerts on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

Before Thursday's concert, the dynamic duo took questions from local media sharing what it's like being back on the road again. 

"It's ready. Tonight it's going to be way too much way too quick, because that's what we do," Brooks said when asked about the concert.  

The famed singer plans to showcase some fan favorites.

"After 14 months of touring, the one thing I keep hearing is, where's the Garth stuff," Brooks said. 

The country music industry continues to evolve, which is something the couple both embraces.

"Theres a little something for everybody and that's kind of what country music has become  -- kind of that melting pot," Yearwood said. 

"You see a lot of different ages out there, you see a lot of different cultures and that's cool," Brooks said. 

Yearwood also enjoys cooking and has her own cooking show. She also recently launched a line of cookware that is sold in JCPenny stores.  

Meanwhile, the couple said performing together again feels better than ever, and for them it's all about pleasing the fans.

"My job is to come out here and kind of get them away from their lives for a couple of hours -- have them close their eyes and sing as loud as they can," Brooks said.