'Inspiring' DJ to play at Treehouse in Miami Beach

Ahead of Miami Music Week and Ultra, Serbian talent hits SoBe


Compulsory military enlistment was abolished in Serbia just in time for Marko Nastić to become his country's biggest export to the world's electronic music scene. 

The 36-year-old producer and DJ performer was a teen when there was war in Kosovo. Organizers of his upcoming event in Miami Beach said "he has had to endure hardships that most electronic musicians can't imagine."  

As a teen in Serbia, he worked at a music store called Happy People and later co-founded the Teenage Techno Punks, a DJ collective that fueled nightlife escapism in Belgrade. 

"Life can be hard and I was lucky that I had music on my side," he said during an interview with Robotic Peacock in 2014. "Here things are still not better, crisis and political fights are all over and that influences on people a lot. I wish all politicians see that politics are not private business."

Nastić was a political science student, when he decided he was going to be in the music business like his uncle. His first electronic music tour outside of Europe was in 2002 in Brazil. He is now known as one of the best in south eastern Europe. 

He released his latest work -- "Parallel Sides of Life" -- in February. Success didn't come easy. 

"My theory is that if you want something badly and if you work hard for it, there is no doubt that you will succeed -- no matter where you come from," he said during an interview with Ibiza Voice

Nastić will be in Miami Beach on Thursday night and will be playing at Treehouse, 323 23rd St., in Miami Beach. Tickets are $11 online and $20 at the door. During Miami Music Week, Treehouse will host Andhim's Superfriends March 17.

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