Bush Rocks The Fillmore Miami Beach!

Fri., Apr. 22

Gavin Rossdale put on a great show for appreciative fans at the Fillmore Miami Beach.
Gavin Rossdale put on a great show for appreciative fans at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Grunge rock heroes Bush put on quite a concert at the Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater on Friday, April 22nd. 

The band blasted right out of the gate with the 1994 hit "Everything Zen"!  That set the tone for the rest of the show, with old favorites mixed in with songs from the new album, "Man On The Run".

The South Beach heat quickly got to frontman Gavin Rossdale, who ditched his jacket after only 2 songs.  He put on a very energetic show; running back and forth across the stage as the band pumped out hit after hit!

It didn't take long for more 90s era classics to come roaring out of the speakers.  "The Chemicals Between Us" and "Greedy Fly" really got fans in a frenzy.  Rossdale took a moment to thank everyone for coming out to the tour's opening concert before launching back into the music.

Rossdale wanted to make sure everyone had a great time at the show, so he was constantly wading into the crowd.   At one point, he ran to the very edge of the stage on the wings to play a solo; delighting fans who could have reached out and touched him!

Later in the concert, he LITERALLY took that to a new level when he ran out into the crowd, slapping high fives with fans before climbing up onto the mezzanine.  That's when he gave his security and management a slight heart attack when he stepped out ONTO THE RAILING before climbing down and running through the crowd of amazed fans.  He never missed a lyric in the 1994 hit "Little Things" either!

After a short break for Rossdale to make his way back to the stage, the band launched into the first encore, "Machinehead"!  Then, they really switched things up.  Rossdale put down his guitar and the band launched into the Talking Heads' hit "Once In A Lifetime", before slowing it down with their monster hit "Glycerine"!

Bush put on a fast-paced, high-energy concert with a lot of audience participation.  It was a great Friday night to be rocking out at the Fillmore Miami Beach!

Here is a full setlist of the Fillmore Miami Beach concert:

1.  Everything Zen

2.  Just Like My Other Sins

3.  The Chemical Between Us

4.  The Sound of Winter

5.  Greedy Fly

6.  This House Is On Fire

7.  Mouth

8.  The Gift

9.  Swallowed

10. Bodies In Motion

11. The Only Way Out

12. Little Things


13. Machinehead

14. Once In A Lifetime

15. Glycerine

16. Comedown


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