'Hamilton' musical director visits alma mater, New World School of the Arts

Alex Lacamoire tells students to 'work hard, practice, be committed'

MIAMI – The musical director and orchestrator of the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton" returned to his South Florida alma mater this week.

Alex Lacamoire hosted a class Monday at the New World School of the Arts and shared his musical journey with aspiring artists.

"I loved coming to New World, and it makes me very happy to see that there's still a wealth of knowledge in Miami. There's still a wealth of knowledge at this school," Lacamoire said.

Lacamoire is best known as the musical director and orchestrator of the Broadway musical, "Hamilton." He backtracked Monday to the stage where his career began.

"This was unreal. He's a really cool guy. He knows what he's saying," student Katherina McCrimmon said. "He's really well-versed, and I think the fact that he's so passionate helped a lot."

"The best part of my job is bringing back alumni," Dean of Theater Patrice Bailey said. "And I'm always inspired for the work that they do, and it’s really great for the students to see that our kids can go to school here, have an intensive education and have a successful career."

Lacamoire is one of many New World School of the Arts alumni who are making names for themselves. His biggest advice to students was never to stop working toward a dream.

"To make it in the arts, you just really have to keep doing your thing," Lacamoire said. "It's about perseverance, it's about working hard, it's about practicing and being committed to what you do."