'Moonlight' star from Miami arrives in LA for Oscars

Jaden Piner to attend parties, audition ahead of award show

LOS ANGELES – Many stars are making their way to Los Angeles ahead of the Academy Awards, including the South Florida stars from the Oscar-nominated film "Moonlight."

"We didn't know when it was going to  happen, but here it is," Jaden Piner's mother, Natalie, said.

Jaden and his family touched down at Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday, ready for all the hoopla leading up to Oscar night.

Before the Oscars, Jaden has a few parties to attend, as well as a coaching session and an audition. His mother, father and little brother were bursting with pride as they spoke to Local 10 News reporter Neki Mohan at LAX.

"This is exciting -- me (being) born and raised in Miami. Everyone gets to see Miami in a whole new light," Natalie Piner said.

In the movie, Jaden played Kevin, the friend of the main character, Chiron, played by his classmate, Alex Hibbert.

Both have become little veterans on the red carpet and Jaden said he is so excited about all that has happened.

"I'm most proud of being on the big screen," Jaden said. "Like, it wasn't always my dream but I always wanted to, not see myself, but I always wanted to know that I was on that screen (and) that people are watching me."

As for his mother, Natalie Piner will also be walking the red carpet on Sunday wearing a Miami designer.

"I am wearing a local fashion design, local from Miami, Angel Meyers," Piner said. "She actually made my gown, and I am so happy about this gown so I can't wait. She says, 'Be captivating,' and we will be captivating."