Miami Film Festival: 'Serenade for Haiti'

Film portrays how love of music helps Haitians cope with tragedy


MIAMI BEACH, FLA. – Documentary filmmaker Owsley Brown was in Miami Beach to talk about "Serenade for Haiti" on Saturday. 

The film centers at the Sainte Trinité Music School in Port-au-Prince. Brown had traveled to the school to document their love of classical music before the earthquake hit Jan. 12, 2010.

Amid devastation and tragedy, Brown returned and was committed to capture the resilience of the schools' teachers and students. He narrowed seven years of work into 70 minutes in Haitian Creole and French.

Before playing the film with English subtitles during the Miami Film Festival at the Lincoln Theater, Brown and Christy McGill, the film's producer, talked about how the audience can help the school through The Episcopal Church

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