Pitbull becomes 'Mr. Cringeworthy' with Memorial Day tweet


MIAMI – When South Florida's homegrown superstar Pitbull first hit the spotlight, he was known as "Mr. 305."

As his legend grew, Pitbull graduated on to "Mr. Worldwide."

Now, after an unfortunate tweet, his nickname might as well be "Mr. Oh No He Didn't."

Like many, the singer took to Twitter on Memorial Day to share his admiration for those who sacrificed their lives for our country.

Only problem is, Pitbull put Pitbull front and center instead of those who actually paid the ultimate sacrifice.

For some odd reason, the rapper-singer superimposed his own smiling face on the American flag instead of, you know, a member of any military branch.

The blow back was almost instantaneous as the entertainer was inundated with never-ending mockery.