MoviePass offers one movie a day in theater for $10 a month

(Brendan Thorne / Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES – Would you be willing to pay less than $10 a month to see one movie a day in theaters?

MoviePass, the theater movie subscription service accepted at over 91 percent of theaters in the U.S., is now offering a deal that film fans should love.

For a flat monthly fee of $9.95, users can see a movie each day at an AMC, Regal and Cinemark theater with no blackout dates.

“MoviePass was founded to make it easier for passionate moviegoers and casual fans to see films the way they’re meant to be seen — in the theater,” said Mitch Lowe, CEO of MoviePass. “Our vision has always been to make the moviegoing experience more affordable and enjoyable for our subscribers. We are changing the way consumers think about going to the movies by making it possible to experience a broader array of films — from the latest summer blockbuster to a critically acclaimed documentary — through a subscription model. Today’s acquisition by Helios & Matheson is a huge step towards making our vision a reality by allowing us to introduce a new $9.95 nationwide subscription service that completely disrupts the movie industry in the same way that Netflix and Redbox have done in years past."


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