Local 10 catches up with stars of last year's 'Moonlight' ahead of Oscars

What's new for 'Moonlight' cast?

MIAMI – One year after the Miami-based movie, "Moonlight," took home the best picture Oscar, the young Miami actors who starred in it have been hard at work in the business and at school.

Local 10 News caught up with Jaden Piner and Alex Hibbert at Norland Middle School to talk about their year.

"Last year, we had an amazing awards season," Hibbert said. 

For both young men, it almost seems a lifetime ago, but they say experiencing Hollywood's highest accolades inspired them to work harder and be better at their craft.

Piner said acting is always a hustle and he tries to fit in the career around time at school.

"A lot of auditions, but mainly school -- trying to get focused on school," Piner said.

Piner shot a horror flick called "Boo," set in Detroit, another film, and has one more on the horizon.

Hibbert had a small role in "Black Panther" and is getting accolades for his starring role in the Showtime Series, "The Chi."  Hibbert filmed "The Chi" in Chicago last summer.

"'The Chi' is just about one bullet that kills one guy, one kid -- and it affects a lot of people," Hibbert said.

Both young men are now teenagers and continue to study under Norland Middle's drama teacher Tanisha Cidel.

Cidel is proud of the work they are doing.

"They are really great roles. Career-wise, it's a smart move," Cidel said. "They are not necessarily PG, but in this world, it's important to tell the stories they are telling."

Both young men said they love acting, but they love coming back home and being just regular kids with homework and friends.

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