Royal Blood Reigns Over Revolution Live

Mon., June 11

Mike going off on another wild bass run!
Mike going off on another wild bass run! (Photo by: Brian Doughty)

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale was packed to the rafters for a Monday night of live, heavy rock from across the pond!

It was shoulder-to-shoulder just getting in the door as openers Turbowolf whipped the crowd into a frenzy!  The Bristol-based rockers had everyone singing and dancing along to their frenetic set.   The lead singer was channeling a combination of Gogol Bordello frontman Eugene Hutz and the legendary Frank Zappa as he led fans through the grooves!

Then, it was time for the headliners to hit the stage.  Royal Blood has been touring with Queens of the Stone Age; which frontman Mike Kerr told me has helped them hone their live show to an even sharper edge!

The stage set was minimal:  drummer Ben Thatcher's kit on a riser stage right and Mike in front of a bank of double-miked amplifiers stage left, with 2 backup singers in the middle.  

Kerr and Thatcher have a thunderously large sound for just 2 guys playing bass and drums.  Thatcher's drumming works as a lead instrument; much like the way Keith Moon would propel the beat in The Who.  Kerr's bass runs through different effects pedals which allow him to sound like he's simultaneously playing guitar and bass.. possibly even some keyboards! 

The pair have been playing together since they were teenagers and it shows in the fluidity and ease of their live performances!  Royal Blood have 2 killer albums under their belts-I can't wait to see what they give us next!

Here is the setlist:

1.   How Did We Get So Dark?

2.   Where Are You Now?

3.   Lights Out

4.   Come On Over

5.   You Can Be So Cruel

6.   I Only Lie When I Love You

7.   Look Like You Know

8.   Little Monster

9.   Hook, Line & Sinker

10.  Sleep

11.  Hole In Your Heart

12.  Loose Change

13.  Figure It Out


14:  Ten Tonne Skeleton

15.  Out of the Black



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