Former NFL star Chad Johnson saves Texas man from eviction

Chris Olivas, of Texas, says he works 2 jobs to try to pay $950 rent


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Former NFL star Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson made one Twitter user's day Friday when he offered to save the man from losing his home.

The friendly offer came after Johnson tweeted Friday afternoon, "How is everyone's Friday going so far?"

A Twitter user named Chris Olivas, of San Marcos, Texas, responded, "Facing eviction but it's Friday so?" His post was accompanied by a shrugging emoji.

Johnson was quick to respond, asking Chris to send him the eviction notice and he would "take care of it."

Chris sent the notice dated Tuesday, which stated he had failed to pay $1,318 in rent.

"Okay. I got you. DM me your info," Johnson responded.  

Olivas then shared a screenshot of his PayPal account, showing Johnson had transferred him $1,500.07.

"'God is our refuge and strength.' I owe this man my life," Olivas wrote.

"Tell your landlord next time WE fall behind on rent to play me in FIFA for the balance," Johnson responded.

Many Twitter users praised Johnson for his kindness and generosity, while a few chose to chastise Olivas for failing to pay his rent.

"Bruh, you owe $1,400 and you act surprised to get the eviction notice!!" one person wrote.

Olivas was cordial in his response, clarifying he wasn't surprised by the notice.

"Surprised? No," he wrote. "I work 2 jobs and pay my $950 rent when I can. That includes late fees and eviction filings cost. Life is a struggle but we all manage the best we can."

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