Adam Ant Friend or Foe Live at Fillmore Miami Beach!

Tues., Oct. 1

Adam Ant played his "Friend or Foe" album live in its entirety!
Adam Ant played his "Friend or Foe" album live in its entirety!

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Adam Ant wrapped up his "Friend or Foe" tour with an amazing show at the Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater on Tuesday, Oct. 1st!

"Friend or Foe" was Adam's first album as a solo artist and spawned three hits: "Desperate But Not Serious", "Friend or Foe" and of course, "Goody Two Shoes"!

It is the first time Adam has performed the album live in its entirety!   His tour-ending show at the Fillmore Miami Beach also included plenty of pre-solo favorites, like "Kings of the Wild Frontier" and the fan favorite encore, "Red Scab"!

Glam Skanks opened the show.  The L.A.-based band combines punk, hard rock and much more into a riotous explosion of sound!  They have even played with one of their musical inspirations, the legendary Alice Cooper!

Here is the set list for Adam Ant:

1.    Friend or Foe

2.    Something Girls

3.    Place in the Country

4.    Desperate But Not Serious

5.    Here Comes The Grump

6.    Hello, I Love You (Doors cover)

7.    Goody Two Shoes

8.    Crackpot History and the Right to Lie

9.    Made of Money

10.  Cajun Twisters

11.  Try This for Sighs

12.  Man Called Marco

13.  Dog Eat Dog (Adam and the Ants)

14.  Kick! (Adam and the Ants)

15.  Vive le Rock

16.  Antmusic  (Adam and the Ants)

17.  Xerox  (Adam and the Ants)

18.  Cartrouble  (Adam and the Ants)

19.  Ants Invasion  (Adam and the Ants)

20.  Prince Charming  (Adam and the Ants)

21.  Strip

22.  Lady/Fall In  (Adam and the Ants)

23.  Kings of the Wild Frontier  (Adam and the Ants)

24.  Beat My Guest  (Adam and the Ants)

25.  Stand and Deliver  (Adam and the Ants)


26.  Press Darlings  (Adam and the Ants)

27.  Red Scab

28.  Physical (You're So)  (Adam and the Ants)







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