Fortnite Season 2 includes new map locations

(AP Photo/Martha Irvine)
(AP Photo/Martha Irvine) (Associated Press)

MIAMI – Epic Games launched the new Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 on Thursday and added at least six new locations to the game’s map.

On the eastern coast, there is an underground helipad allowing players to jump into a secret base.

In the southwest corner, there is a new oil rig with two platforms with cranes that are connected by a bridge near the Slurpy Swamp. There are henchmen bots.

There are three new islands. In the northwest corner, there is a sandy island with a secret large shark-shaped cave that connects to a new modern beachside building. There is also a new flat grid island and a floating island to design featured hubs.

At sea in the northeastern corner, there is a luxury yacht that players can board. The Ghost faction runs it.

There are also new small outposts hidden underground.

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