GLAAD leader and rock star wife co-author 'All Moms'

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This combination of photos shows cover art for the children's book "All Moms," left, and Sarah Kate Ellis at the Oscars on Feb. 24, 2019, in Los Angeles. Ellis and her wife Kristen Ellis-Henderson co-wrote the book that will be published by Little Bee Books on March 1. (Little Bee Books via AP, left, and AP Photo)

NEW YORK – The leader of GLAAD and her rock star wife are teaming up on a children's book about the many kinds of moms in the world.

“All Moms,” co-written by GLAAD CEO and President Sarah Kate Ellis and Kristen Ellis-Henderson of the band Antigone Rising, will be published by Little Bee Books on March 1.

“This book celebrates what it really means to be a mom, which is to provide your child with unconditional love," the two authors said in a statement Wednesday. "We hope this book helps children understand the many different ways a family can look, while teaching them the important values of compassion, empathy, and acceptance.”

Little Bee is calling the book, illustrated by Max Rambaldi, “a love letter to mothers — moms who make us laugh, moms who read us stories, moms who snuggle us when we’re sad, and help us grow. Some moms are silly, some are sporty or crafty, but all moms are incredible. Moms can do anything!”

Little Bee and GLAAD, the LGBTQ+ media advocacy group, formed a publishing partnership in 2018 for children's books that celebrate sexual and gender diversity. Previous releases include “Prince & Knight,” “Maiden & Princess” and “Jack (Not Jackie).”

Ellis and and Ellis-Henderson, who have two children, have also co-written “Times Two: Two Women in Love and the Happy Family They Made."