Billy Idol Rips It Up at Hard Rock Live

Tuesday, Apr. 20

Billy Idol started the show with "Dancing With Myself"! (Brian Doughty, WPLG)

Hollywood, FLA. – Doc Martens, spiked hair and lots of chains were the uniform for fans of all ages who packed the Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on Tuesday, Apr. 20 to hear Billy Idol belt out his classic hits!

Billy and the band banging out another hard rock hit! (WPLG)

The former Generation X lead singer did not disappoint, giving fans fiery versions of his unique blend of hard rock, punk and new wave.. with just a touch of crooning for good measure!

Billy Idol ripping into "Dancing With Myself"! (WPLG)

New Zealand singer-songwriter Kelsey Karter opened the show and accidentally injured herself as she ran around on the stage. But she soldiered on while favoring her injured ankle to finish her set.

Billy and the band sound tighter than ever! (WPLG)

Then it was time for the star of the show. The band walked onstage and launched right into the massive Generation X hit that sent Billy into the stratosphere, “Dancing With Myself”!

Steve Stevens wailing away on another blazing guitar solo! (WPLG)

Longtime guitarist Steve Stevens was on fire all night long; wowing fans with his guitar pyrotechnics before putting his fretwork prowess on display during his guitar solo (which included quotes from Led Zeppelin’s “Over the Hills & Far Away” and “Stairway to Heaven”!)

Billy Idol played all of his hits! (WPLG)

Idol’s current band, which includes guitarist Billy Morrison, bassist Stephen McGrath, drummer Erik Eldenius and keyboarist/guitarist Paul Trudeau, were tight as a drum and delivering smoking versions of every song!

Billy Idol singing "Flesh for Fantasy"! (WPLG)

Here is the setlist:

1. Dancing With Myself

2. Cradle of Love

3. Flesh for Fantasy

4. Cage

5. Speed

6. Bitter Taste

7. Eyes Without a Face

8. Steve Stevens Guitar Solo

9. Mony Mony

10. Running From the Ghost

11. One Hundred Punks

12. Blue Highway

13. Rebel Yell


14. Hot in the City

15. White Wedding

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