A Starry Night at the Olympia Theater

Experience the art of Vincent Van Gogh in a whole new way!

The Immersive Exhibit lets you experience Van Gogh's artwork in 360 degrees! (Brian Doughty, WPLG)

Miami, FLA – Perhaps no other artist has become so famous (and his paintings so valuable) after his death than Vincent Van Gogh.

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience at the Olympia Theater in downtown Miami. (WPLG)

He notoriously sold only one painting during his brief and volatile life but now his masterpieces routinely sell for $82 million dollars. And the demand for his work is only growing.

A new exhibit at one of Miami’s oldest buildings now showcases the Master’s art in way to entice even the most jaded visitor and thrust them in the world he experienced and tried to recreate.

You can take a selfie in Van Gogh's bedroom that inspired his famous painting, "Bedroom at Arles"! (WPLG)

There are several stations detailing the various periods of his career and the often shocking and salacious details of his lifelong struggle with mental illness, which would eventually result in Van Gogh taking his own life at the age of 47 in 1890.

After familiarizing yourself with some of his most well-known works, you enter the Immersive Experience; a room where his paintings are projected onto all of the walls and come alive with animation, music and quotations from Van Gogh.

Six of Van Gogh's most well-known paintings. (WPLG)

For a nominal fee, you can also strap on an Oculus for the VR tour of Van Gogh’s most iconic works such as “Cafe Terrace at Night” and one of his final pieces, “Wheatfield with Crows”; painted the year of his suicide. The VR tour puts you INTO those paintings, where you can look all around you.. above and below, as if you had stepped into the frame! Even the kids will want to learn more about the Master after walking through his creations in cyberspace!

Another of Van Gogh's many self portraits showing him in what appears to be an agitated state. (WPLG)

Beyond the exhibit, there is also the rich and colorful history of the building itself! The Olympia Theater first opened its doors in 1926 and has been a movie theater, concert venue and so much more over the years. Elvis famously sold out 15 concerts there back in 1956! The elaborate hand carved wooden panels and made-to-order Tiffany lights are still there.. as are the spirits of some former visitors (as rumor has it). The Olympia is a real architectural treasure which is now owned by the city of Miami and preservationists are hoping to see it reopen in all of its glory sometime soon!

Van Gogh's paintings are full of vividly bright colors, because he was COLOR BLIND and could barely differentiate between hues. (WPLG)

Do yourself a favor and get out of the sweltering heat with a journey into the fascinating world of Vincent Van Gogh! Click here for tickets or here to learn more about the exhibit. The exhibit is open Thursday through Sunday and timed tickets are required. You’ll be sure to learn something you didn’t know about Vincent Van Gogh!

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