Comedian lists 5 weird reasons she loves her mastectomy (Graphic content)

Aniela McGuinness shares her journey on social media at 'My Breast Choice'


Actress Aniela McGuinness has booked roles in "Rock of Ages," "Burn Notice" and "Charlie's Angels."

In her bio, McGuiness says doing standup comedy kept her sane, while her mom was dying of ovarian cancer in 2013.

"I had been performing for seven years prior to that, but in those hard moments improv gave me permission to laugh," she said.

When she learned she tested positive for BRCA1, a genetic mutation that increases the lifetime risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer up to 84 percent, she moved forward with plans to have preventive surgeries. But then the unexpected happened.


ANIELA MCGUINNESS: Sometime a bad thing will happen, like "CANCER," but there is always joy, humor and fun hiding in every experience. These are the top 5 things that I found out I loved after undergoing a double mastectomy. Enjoy.  Subscribe to her YouTube channel > 

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