Miami woman among 30 contestants on 'The Bachelor'

Corrine vying to win final rose from Nick Viall

By Peter Burke - Managing Editor

Corrine, 24, is a Miami business owner who is trying to win the heart of "The Bachelor."

A 24-year-old Miami woman is among the 30 contestants vying to take home "The Bachelor."

ABC on Wednesday announced the cast of the newest season of the reality television show.

Among the women who have their sights set on making Nick Viall their future husband is Corrine, a blond business owner from Miami.

Viall, 36, is an accomplished technology salesman from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He will meet Corrine and the 29 others trying to win his heart in the Jan. 2 premiere episode.

Will Corrine be one of the 22 women to receive a rose from Nick?

She will have some competition from an aspiring dolphin trainer from New Jersey (Alexis, 23), an office manager from Tampa (Astrid, 26), a wedding videographer from Oklahoma (Christen, 25), a New Orleans chef (Jaimi, 28), a professional basketball dancer from San Francisco (Jasmine G., 29), a dental hygienist from Kentucky (Kristina, 24), a law school graduate from Naples (Lauren, 30), a Los Angeles food truck owner (Michelle, 24), a Dallas attorney (Rachel, 31) and a special education teacher from Canada (Vanessa, 29), among others.

"The chemistry between Nick and Vanessa is palpable, and they look like they might have the first kiss of the season -- if it wasn't for a very persistent Corinne who swoops in and steals Nick away," an ABC news release says of the premiere episode.

"The Bachelor" returns at 8 p.m. Jan. 2 on Local 10. Stay tuned.