Pedal your way through downtown Fort Lauderdale

Local 10's MJ Acosta joins a Cycle Party tour

By Alexandra Fruin - Producer , MJ Acosta - Reporter

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - The newest party trend that's rolling through Fort Lauderdale is giving people a new way to bar hop and get a good workout at the same time.

Cycle Party is a party on pedals that you can enjoy with up to 14 of your friends on a quadracycle adventure around downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Chris Haerting, the owner of Cycle Party, recently brought Local 10's MJ Acosta along for a ride. Since the Cycle Party is 100 percent pedal powered, the whole group got their workout in for the day while blasting their favorite tunes.

Their hard work was rewarded with several stops at area bars.

The cycle crew first stopped in to American Social, a local favorite along Las Olas Boulevard. Its one of several bars that give discounts and drink specials to Cycle Party participants.

"They often bring good spirits!" Jamie Logue, the general manager of American Social told Acosta. "It's a party atmosphere, obviously, since they hired Cycle Party... a lot of them dress up and it makes the place good fun."

After enjoying 50 percent off their tab, the riders hopped back on board to burn a few calories before making stops at several other bars.

Along the way, they caught the eyes of lots of walkers-- clearly jealous they weren't pedaling along with the party!

"There's a certain celebrity appeal that we notice, especially at night," Haerting explained. "Driving down, here is everyone taking a photo. We probably have thousands of photos taken of us from bystanders. It's insane!"

Interaction is not only allowed, it is encouraged. If you spot the Cycle Party rolling down Las Olas, smile, wave, and join the party at the next stop!

If barhopping isn't you thing, Cycle Party's newest venture may be more up your alley. Soon they'll offer tours that are focused on the workout!

Stops on those tours will be at parks, rather than bars, where you can do circuit training with a personal trainer and finish off the ride with a healthy breakfast.

Joining the Party

According to the Cycle Party website, each tour lasts two hours. The bike seats 15 people, but parties as small as six can sign up.

Prices start at $350, but check their social media sites for special offers.

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