Baby asleep on toy train is super cute

Tiny Vivienne was conked out on train set

(YouTube / Andy Hoeing)
(YouTube / Andy Hoeing)

SLEEPY TOWN, USA – The contest is over.  No need for further entries.

We have a winner for the cutest video ever.

The YouTube video of a toddler asleep on her older brother's toy train (moving, we should add), is adorable enough to put a smile on the face of the toughest curmudgeon.

Andy Hoeing posted the video of little Vivienne to YouTube on Jan. 25.  

Hoeing says that she was "having a blast" on the train and that he wasn't worried about her being injured when he left the room because she knows how to get on and off the toy.

But when the noise from the tracks became what he called "oddly quiet," Hoeing says he returned to find Vivienne fast asleep on the engine.

The poor little conductor was pooped after a long journey on the rails.