Student's coffin used as yearbook for touching tribute

Laura Hillier, 18, died on Jan. 20 of leukemia

(imgur / Unbrella)
(imgur / Unbrella)

BURLINGTON, ONTARIO, Canada – A high school student who died last month was reportedly given a touching tribute by her fellow classmates who were never able to say goodbye.

Laura Hillier, 18, was a senior from Burlington, Canada when she passed away on Jan. 20 from leukemia.

Despite being unable to graduate with the school's other seniors or sign their yearbooks, Hiller's classmates used her coffin to give her an emotional sendoff.

The students signed Hillier's coffin with the same written comments that you would normally find in a high school yearbook.

CTV reports that Hillier had been fighting the disease for years and was hoping to receive more treatment in a California hospital, but Mashable says she died before she could be moved.